Deborah Linder :

Essays and Selected Writing

Full Grown People

Remedy Quarterly

  • “Dinner is Served”

Smithsonian Magazine Online: Food & Think

The Washington Post

Elysian Fields Quarterly


  • “An Invitation to the Writer’s Table”
  • “A New York Literary Ramble”
  • “Esmeralda Santiago: A Profile”
  • “Little Golden Books: A Not-So-Small-World”
  • “In the Family Way: A Profile of Roxana Robinson”
  • “Rebecca Skloot: Getting Somewhere Fast”
  • “One Nightstand”
  • “Lawrence Raab: Luring the Muse”
  • “A Minor Muse”

Central PA Magazine Online

  • “As Told by Roxanne, Age 9”

This I Believe, WITF-Radio

  • “I Believe in Showing Up” (radio essay)